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“Moonshot Medicine”? Not so fast…

Debate has already commenced as to what, exactly, Precision Medicine will deliver. Some are focusing almost exclusively on the genomic aspect of this field to the exclusion of, for example, the lifestyle and family history factors that make up the unique totality of each human being.
Dr. Comite’s New York Times Letter to the Editor offers a glimpse of her vision of a field dedicated to the proposition that your health span can equal your life span.

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The Future of Medicine, Today

This fascinating New York Times article describes how modern medicine determines “standard of care” as defined by evidence, which overlooks individual variation. There is no “1 size fits all,” yet conventional medicine still operates as though we are all alike. Dr. Comite initiated the practice of personalized Precision Medicine over 20 years ago, recognizing that not even identical twins are exactly the same. She believes strongly that our health span should keep up with longevity. To achieve this goal, it is vital to analyze individuals by incorporating many factors, from lifestyle to genomics, to direct our health destiny. This article calls for a change within healthcare. We absolutely agree – a personalized, precision approach is the future of medicine.

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Keep It Up The Book

Dr. Comite’s book is now now available!
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