From disease care to Health Care. Finally.

Distinguishing Conventional Medicine from Precision Medicine

Conventional Medicine Precision Medicine
Philosophy With the exception of an annual “check- up,” you visit your doctor when you feel sick. You visit a Precisionist doctor at any time for a Precision Health Analysis™ that evaluates your current health and anticipates your future health trajectory.
Practice At the doctor’s office, your symptoms are treated with a textbook, standardized, one-size-fits-all approach. At the doctor’s office, your Precision Health Analysis examines and integrates your metabolomics, hormones, fitness test results, lifestyle, and genomics; together with detailed family and medical history.
Outcome You leave the office with instructions to treat the problem that caused your visit. Your personalized program for lifelong health begins—a collaboration between you and your doctor to detect, predict, and reverse disease with immediately actionable guidance tailored specifically for you.
Goals You get well. Your health span matches your lifespan™.

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