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The Practice

ComiteMD Advances Precision Medicine, by promoting a proactive approach instead of a reactionary one.

Dr. Comite is an endocrinologist with a deep expertise in hormones. She has a very diverse background, having done research on pediatrics at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and later founding and directing Women’s Health at Yale. More recently, her clinical experience in andrology is unparalleled.  Her book on men’s health, “Keep It Up,” shows how low testosterone impacts whole body function, everything from energy levels to erectile function. Most important, Dr. Comite has established herself as a leader in the field of Precision Medicine, which focuses on individualized preventative care based on a host of personal health metrics like past medical history, family history, lifestyle and lab results.

Our practice focuses on aggressive prevention and is designed to help you age healthfullyComiteMD began in a New York office in 2005, and we moved into our current home at 55 E. 86th Street in 2008. In addition to exam rooms and conference areas, we have a state-of-the-art exercise physiology lab where we conduct VO2 testing on either a bike or treadmill. More recently we’ve added an EndoPat unit, which measures endothelial function. We also have a wide array of MicroTab supplements and healthy foods, which we may recommend based on your Precision Health Analysis.

Our facility is designed to help you quantify your health, and our goal is to bring you to your optimal health where you have your best energy and mental alertness. We aim for you to recover from exercise, increase lean muscle, lose body fat, and strengthen your libido. We also want to prevent the disorders associated with aging, conditions like diabetes, osteopenia, cardiovascular disease, even cancer.

As you age, your metabolism changes, triggered by the decline in hormone levels that typically begins in the early-to-mid 30s. The ways in which your body responds to food and exercise changes. While you may be doing a lot right, you’re not seeing the same results you did when you were younger. You may be gaining fat, especially around the middle, and it becomes difficult to put on muscle. What’s more, your daily routine – long days at the office followed by client dinners or shuttling kids to soccer practice, for instance – may be trying your nerves but also straining your body.

Our current health care system is very symptom-based, and there is little time for doctors to educate patients about prevention so that they can foster healthy habits to keep up with the changes brought on by the passing years. Doctors are so busy putting out fires, and no one steps in until something breaks.  In reality, you can see disease coming well before you experience symptoms. Diabetes, for example, can be curtailed 10-20 years before it ever happens. It never has to be a problem. Dr. Comite can evaluate a person and can tell that diabetes is a decade or more away. She will work with you to reverse your risk so that it doesn’t become a problem down the line. We look at a person as a whole.

Our body works in synergy – one part affects another. Traditional medicine compartmentalizes your body. You may see a cardiologist for your heart, a neurologist for your brain, and a gastroenterologist for your stomach. As Precision Medicine specialists, we understand that everything in your body is interconnected. Being an endocrinologist, doctors have called Dr. Comite for a consult, asking her to look at a patient’s thyroid. She won’t do this. In fact, she can’t do this. There is no way she can evaluate the thyroid in isolation. She needs to know more about the whole person because all your systems co-exist.

Dr. Comite and our team will look at every aspect of your health to find out what’s going on internally and to discern how we can bring your body back into balance. We are committed to this holistic approach and ensuring a good quality of life. The years you are in good health should match the number of years you live.

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